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After-sales service

Foshan Shengtu Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a private high-tech enterprise that integrates and optimizes domestic resources, develops rapidly, and takes printing and packaging equipment manufacturing as its main industry direction.
         The company takes environmentally-friendly printing and packaging equipment as its industrial direction. The current leading products include packaging gravure printing machines, solvent-free laminating machines, high-speed slitting machines, quality inspection rewinders and other complete sets of equipment. It mainly produces flexible packaging water-based ink gravure printing machines, solvent-free laminating machines and supporting equipment, and provides related process support. It is currently the only system supplier in China with environmentally friendly gravure/laminating equipment technology as its main products and services.
         The company adheres to the customer demand as the core, adheres to the business philosophy of "quality in place, first-class service", and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-practical, personalized, systematic and complete production line design solutions and high-quality services, which are highly praised by customers. Outstanding non-standard design capabilities, outstanding intractable disease solving capabilities and outstanding process innovation capabilities have created the strong comprehensive strength of Shengtu Technology! Shengtu Technology's complete sets of equipment not only occupy a large market share in the domestic market, but also win the trust of more and more experts in the international market, and establish a good international reputation. The continuous progress of Shengtu Technology stems from the start-up and strives to keep pace with the world's advanced, from the unremitting technological innovation and value cost innovation for the benefit of customers, while efficiently promoting its realization; from your attention and support. Shengtu Technology is willing to work with you to become an enterprise expected by the industry and expected by the society.
         The company takes it as its own responsibility to create value for customers, and looks forward to serving you!




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